You’ll assume the role of general contractor. We’ll be your right hand.
Discover why this might be right for you… and what our customers have to say about the process.

How It Works

If you’ve dreamed of building your own home, we’re here to help every step of the way. We’re confident you’ll find that being hands on in the construction of your own personal home is a most rewarding experience. Plus, you’ll likely save 20% or more on the construction. That’s huge!

Our flat fee is based on your square footage and includes helping you with initial planning, site planning, design, floor plans, permits, selecting and scheduling subcontractors, choosing products and, in general, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, giving you additional help and guidance as needed.

The best part is that anyone can do this. You can do this. It doesn’t require any special training or background. What it does require is a passion for excellence… a commitment to details… a strong belief in yourself… and confidence that we’re here for you from start to finish.

What Our Customers Say About Being Their Own GM

We handled the build, so I dealt with the subcontractors directly. I liked the control – the ability to put whatever I wanted into our house. Mike was great about stepping in when needed and was so helpful when I had concerns about what might or might not work. Jennifer LeBaron

Mike takes time to develop friendships with his clients and his subs, and those friendships don’t end when the project is finished. Mike develops friendships for life. That doesn’t happen with other builders. Jelso, Supplier – Miller’s Insulation

Mike knows construction inside out and knows what’s a good, fair price. When we received bids, he reviewed them and let us know when they were too high. We found he was right. He helped us get better subs and better prices. Jim Sanders

Mike is so easy to work with. He made our build enjoyable
every step of the way. And he helped move it along quickly…
roughly 6 months from start to finish!
Analisa Tenorio

What Customers & Suppliers Say About Us

I appreciated the way in which the work was prioritized. Mike was diligent about scheduling the contractors and allowed me to bring in my own subs if I wanted. Adrian Martinez

Mike makes what seems like an impossible process doable. He’s very reassuring and it’s like you’re a part of his family. Ryan Vance

My kids love him because, out of the blue when we were at our construction site, Mike brought happy meals for the kids! The kids still talk about that! Jennifer Lebaron

Mike is honest. He’s not about making extra money. He’s about making the customer happy. He’s just a good guy. Rae Rae, Customer and Supplier – Ferguson Enterprises

Mike’s reputation with suppliers and clients is exceptional. He stays calm and cool. He knows how to deal with and resolve issues quickly and effectively. He’s a great contractor to work with. Tom Martinez, Supplier – BMC

We’re focused on Your Success & Satisfaction

Mike looks at everything… asks questions… listens… and is 100% focused on ensuring you are happy. Jim Sanders

We were super excited to move into our new home. We love it. We love the flow. It’s our forever home. Jennifer LeBaron

Our home is like a dream come true. Ryan Vance

Walking through the door for the first time felt so good…
that feeling you get when you know you’re home.

Mike told us where we can be frugal, and where to go above and beyond, such as insulation. We found he always gave us good advice and was always helping us to achieve the best return on our investment for both the short and long term. Katharine Bass