We’ll listen to your hopes… your ideas… your vision… your dreams… and together, we’ll do something remarkable.


Over time, kitchens have a tendency to look dated, function inefficiently and offer minimal storage, with outdated appliances that punctuate the need for a remodel.

Together we’ll explore form and function… color and texture… your tastes, preferences and lifestyle… and the amazing new products that will change the way you plan meals, cook and entertain.

Today’s appliances are bold, innovative, colorful and functional beyond imagination. They think for themselves… cook, simmer, bake and broil brilliantly… store foods with remarkable efficiency… clean like never before… and are stunningly beautiful. Let’s explore the possibilities!

Let’s not overlook lighting – both from a functional and decorative point of view. Lighting can be used to illuminate task and serving areas… add ambiance… and create dramatic accents. Your choices will be virtually infinite.

Surfaces and cabinetry have both come a long way in the past few years. Today’s cabinets offer a variety of colors and truly unique storage systems, and surfaces range from granite to composites and even concrete. You’ll feel like “a kid in the candy store” as you explore your options.


Dated fixtures, difficult-to-clean surfaces, chipped porcelain, broken tiles, minimal storage space and “It’s just plan ugly!” are all reasons to consider remodeling your bathroom… not to mention the fact that your bath is the one place where you should feel pleasantly pampered! We’ll start by looking at your existing bath layout and all that’s adjacent to it to establish a new footprint and layout. We’ll look at what you need now… what you might need in the years to come… what you want… and what’s “out there” in fixtures, flooring, countertops, lighting and more.

It’s your bathroom. It’s our job to make it amazing.

As you think about remodeling your bathroom, it’s a great time to think long term. Accessibility needs may seem a long way off, but this would be the perfect time to ensure that you’ll be ready if and when the time comes. Things to consider include a wider door frame, roll-under sink, roll-in shower, turn radius for the toilet and easy-to-reach towel bars.

With the demands today’s frenetic lifestyle puts on us, your remodeled bath can be the respite you so desperately need… a spa-like experience that allows you the opportunity to relax and just breathe in a stress-free environment. Integrated lighting, a deep- soak tub, organic materials, matte fixtures, radiant heat, audio/visual system, dramatic accents…. the list of possibilities to create your own pampered environment is virtually unlimited.

Great Rooms

Many older homes were built with defined, wall-enclosed spaces that don’t adapt well to the way we live today. Opening up these spaces, adding plenty of natural light and taking advantage of the many choices we now have in flooring, wall textures, doors, cabinetry and lighting can breathe new life into your home. It all starts with a bit of imagination. Together, we’ll develop a plan that takes your home… and the way you live in it… to a whole new level!

Getting started can start with you! It’s easy to search the web for great ideas. Start to pull them together and, when you’re ready, share them with us. Knowing what you like and seeing your preferences in everything from lighting and fireplaces to windows and flooring will pave the way for us to design a remodeling plan that fulfills your hopes and dreams.

The Crescent Remodeling Team

Led by owner Mike Sanchez, our team of foremen, suppliers and subcontractors is second to none… all experts in our fields… all working together for your success. Nothing is more important to us than you, our customers. We invite you to take a few minutes to see what some of our customers and suppliers have to say.

Mike is definitely a workaholic. He invests a lot of time, effort and energy into his work, which just shows how much he cares about his clients. Joseph Candelaria, Supplier – Ferguson Enterprises

Mike was patient. He has such an ability to calmly provide an answer to any issue, suggesting the best possible solution. He’s just easy to communicate with. Adrian Martinez

Mike makes what seems like an impossible process doable. He’s very reassuring and it’s like you’re a part of his family.Ryan Vance

He has a vested interest in doing a good job. He counts on word of mouth.Kathrine Bass

We knew we could trust him. He takes a lot of pride in his work and does what he says he’s going to do.Charissa Martinez